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ResultI desire achievement and accomplishment.
PerceptionI desire to be appreciated.
LonerI love to close my office door and enjoy quiet times.
TeamI love to be in the midst of the action.
IntrovertedI keep my enthusiasm to myself.
ExtrovertedI communicate with enthusiasm.
DemocraticI am sometimes accused of being too indecisive.
DictatorshipI am sometimes accused of being too rigid.
Product orientedI feel comfortable working with tangible items, that I can feel and understand completely.
Service-orientedI love to work in an environment based on ideas and concepts, in which I can add my input.
Process orientedI am more comfortable following proven paths allowing me to double-check everything to guarantee success.
Result orientedI do what needs to be done, even if I have to reinvent the wheel to get the job done.
DoerI act first and see.
ThinkerI think first, then act.
InflexibleI trust facts, concrete examples and proof.
AdaptableI trust inspiration, insights, ideas and hunches.
DeveloperI thrive on getting new ideas or projects on the market and I am always looking for new ones.
OperationalI am very good at improving ideas or projects and running them in an efficient way.
DecisifI am comfortable after having made a decision and stick to it.
FlexibleI am comfortable leaving my options open and being flexible
I am a sales persoEveryone I know tells me I could sell a fridge to an eskimo. I always find a way to convince people.
I am a buyerI need to see and understand all aspects of a deal or project to be able to stand by it. I am uncomfortable being a guinea pig.
VerbalI am very comfortable expressing myself verbally, in front of a person, team or a group, so I can adapt my speech on the fly
WrittenI'd rather express myself in writing, so I can prepare and structure my thoughts and share them without the need to adapt them to the target audience.

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