What is Chiefs on Demand™?

The first platform for certified CxOs in time sharing, aimed to provide SMEs with a full set of top management resources at a fraction of the cost.

Company’s FAQ

How much will it cost me to hire a CxO?

Actually, the platform registration process and the “hiring” of a CxO is free of charge. You will only pay his/her actual work.

Will the CxO be on my payroll?

No, you’ll will contract his/her services via your local Chiefs on Demand partner, yet you should consider the CxO as part of your staff and introduce your CxO(s) to your staff as such.

What responsibilities does the CxO have in my company?

This is totally up to you, on a daily basis the CxO works just like any top manager in an organization and as the boss you define the rules and responsibilities.

What happens if I no longer need the CxO or I’m not satisfied with his services?

You can contact your local Chiefs on Demand Partner and inform him of your decision as well as the CxO. This will end his/her mission at your company.

How much would it cost me to get rid of my CxO?

Nothing, you only have to pay for the time that has already been invested in your organization by the CxO. We have no penalties and no notice period. It is really up to you.

Can I hire the CxO?

It is not the purpose of our service, but if your company requires you to hire your CxO it is possible, but you will be charged a “try and hire” fee.

What is the maximum occupation rate a CxO can have in my company?

Our goal is to provide time shared CxOs, so we understand that for a certain period of time you might need a high level of involvement of the CxO, yet this should not be more than a transition period. So we limit the CxO’s maximal occupational rate toward a single company at 50% over a year period. If you need more time from the CxO on a regular basis you should hire him full time or part time, but he/she will then become an employee of your company.

Can I request to know what other missions the CxO has?

Yes, upon request, we’ll be transparent on the matter so to avoid any conflicts of interest. The CxOs will sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement with your company to protect everyone.


What is the minimum time I must be available for Chiefs on Demand?

We don’t have a minimum availability, yet we believe that it will be very difficult to be involved with a company under 20%.

Will I be an employee of the Chiefs on Demand client’s company?

No, the contractual relationship is a service contract. This being said, it is designed for long-term commitments and you’ll be acting as if you were part of the staff.

Will I be an employee of Chiefs on Demand?

No, your relationship with Chiefs on Demand is as a sub-contractor. So you will have to be either self-employed (we will check that you are properly registered at that effect) or we will provide you with a wage bearing solution.

Could I still have my own activity on the side?

Yes, this is also a good tool to start your own business while still making a steady revenue. You will have to sign a non-disclosure, confidentiality and non-compete agreement with the company for which you’ll be a CxO.

How do I get paid?

You keep your time card up to date and validated by the client, we will bill the client every 2 weeks. We will pay you upon customer’s payment reception.

Does it cost anything to be part of Chiefs on Demand™?

No, there are no costs involved in becoming a CxO for CoD™.

What do I commit to by clicking “Apply” to become a CxO?

There are no commitments involved in regards to how much you work or how long you are involved.

Does Chiefs on Demand guarantee a minimum workload?

No, it is up to the market.

What services do I get from Chiefs on Demand?

We will give your profile visibility toward our clients. We will take care of all administrative task required. We will provide a set work environment. In certain cities you can benefit from shared office spaces so you can exchange between CxOs and be part of a larger family