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Young companyWe rely heavily on the know-how and experience of each new employee and expect them to make a mark immediately.
Company with a long historyWe have been around for a while.Many of our employees have been with us for more than ten years and fully master the organization.
Local companyMost of our customers and vendors are local.
International companyOur customers and vendors are all over the world, as well as locally.
Mature companyOur company is very well organized and has implemented many management tools (ERP, CRM, etc.).
StartupWe favour flexible applications andfree Internet tools. Everyone is in charge of following up his own business.
Creative field (dynamic)We always work on new projects,requiring new ideas, out-of-the box thinking to stay ahead of the competition, thus generating a bit of pressure on the whole staff.
Regulated field (conventional)We have a long history and traditions in our products and services. We are very well organized and follow strict regulations or processes, thus generating less stress for the staff
Service oriented We emphasize a client oriented approach for all our products and services.
Product oriented Our job is to move products in quantity and as fast as possible.
Digital businessA major part of our business is done using internet and social medias for sales and communication.
Traditional businessWe have always done business with customers walking through the door or through a direct contact with our sales staff.
Communication: advertisingWe invest heavily in communication and advertising.
Communication: word of mouthOur customers are our best sales people (references).
B2C type of businessOur business is geared towards end-users and/or customers (direct sales).
B2B type of businessOur customers are businesses,reselling our services and products (indirect sales).