To ensure the right fit to your needs, Chiefs on Demand follows a structured matching process based not only on experience and hard skills, but also on soft skills

CxOs in time sharing:

Enables SMEs to grab market opportunities by relying on 'time-shared' executives (CxOs), to complete their team

  • Offers real-time certified management resources
  • Gives you the right Executive for the time required by the job
  • Follows a code of ethics
  • Provides a synergy of skills
  • Increases your business agility
  • Keeps know-how in house
  • Eliminates hiring costs
  • Free you time to be an entrepreneur

Why Chiefs on Demand ?

  • You might need more than 1 profile but in part time --> the advantage of a staff member without the risks and hassle
  • Our CxOs will also give you a new perception on your business
  • Our CxOs are always up to date with what's going on outside your company
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Are you looking for a new challenge, a new way to work:

  • Our customers are looking for your skills and input on a part time basis
  • Get the best of both world, being a freelancer with part time job security
  • Chiefs on Demand provides you the administrative tools you need
  • Manage your schedule and work load as it fits you
  • Be part of a team CxO and part of your clients staff
  • You will discover great productivity tools provided by us
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