Any CxO may be looking for new opportunities, challenges and diversities. However, these objectives meet certain imperatives. The first step is to find a structure able to meet expectations. Moreover, this structure must be in accordance with a logic of diversity for its collaborator to be present on an ad hoc basis.

The search for opportunity, new challenges and diversity is a great way to develop plan staff. Thus, the employee will become an entrepreneur offering his skills to one or more players in the job market. This agility meets the needs of many SMEs on the market, but often hidden.

Such objectives therefore require important research work in order to find the groups that need CxO skills. Moreover, this requires a significant investment of time and money to associate this form of work with the administrative tools to manage the plannings.

CxOs must meet your expectations in terms of opportunity, challenge and diversity in a simple and fast way. To do this, they must be enabled to find clients ready to welcome and assist in the administrative and organizational process in this new form of work. Thus, they adapt themselves to the sides of SMEs in order to guarantee their development.