Today’s SMEs situation

  • I need to find operational skills
  • I need a response in real time
  • I need to minimize the risk
  • I need to ensure a long-term impact
  • I need to get access to the “Best Practices”

Today’s CxOs expectations

  • I want to do part time
  • I want a more diverse work experience
  • I want a challenge
  • I want to matter in the faith of a company
  • I want to be integrated in the company I work for

Current SMEs options

Full-time director

The downside

Long process with some economical risks related to the profile of your new director.


The downside

Expert on a specific domain which gives recommendation but which isn’t involved in the long-term.

Interim management

The downside

Full-time expert but involved only for a certain amount of time.


The downside

Long-term support mission, but without operational responsibility.

Chiefs on Demand solution

Full-time director Consultant Transition management  Coaches Chiefs on Demand
Moderate costs
Risk management
Tasks continuity
Operational tasks

Flexible solution

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